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Diversifying Your Portfolio with Commercial Real Estate

Diversify Portfolio with Commercial Real Estate

Everyone knows the importance of protecting your portfolio from radical swings in your securities’ values by diversifying investments. It is crucial to know the correlation between two securities to make sure a downturn in one does not necessarily entail a downturn in another. Furthermore, different types of investments have different risks, profit ceilings, rates of income, and stability, so it is important to consider a variety of investments to have a well-rounded, successful portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate

A great investment for any portfolio is commercial land for the following reasons:

  • It bears a low correlation with the stock market, which means that rises or falls in more volatile stocks have little bearing on the value of your commercial real estate securities
  • In some situations you can write depreciation of the property, paper losses, and/or rental income off your income taxes
  • Steady income through long term leases/rent agreements
  • It is a type of security with real intrinsic value, as opposed to shares in a company, so you actually own a physical asset

There are many other advantages to investing in commercial land besides these few. If you are interested, you should contact a firm with years of experience in commercial real estate who can help you maximize your investment.

Maury L. Carter & Associates, Inc.

Our firm has found success for the last 35 years or so in improving investors’ portfolios with a variety of land investments. We have sold over $1 billion worth of properties throughout the years and have a portfolio of at least 3x that amount. Whether you are looking to invest in agricultural, retail, or multi-tenant office buildings, Maury L. Carter & Associates, Inc. has you covered. Please call us at 407-422-3144 or contact us online with any commercial real estate questions.

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