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Lake Nona West is one of Orlando’s most anticipated projects. See what stores and restaurants will be drawn to it | Orlando Business Journal

By Steven Ryzewski – Staff Writer, Orlando Business Journal | Oct 11, 2023

From the moment Tavistock Development Co. announced plans for Lake Nona West — its new 405,100-square-foot lifestyle center to be built just west of Lake Nona Town Center — the project became one of the most anticipated in the region.

It has piqued the interest of residents of Lake Nona and its surrounding areas, eager for more shopping and dining options, as well as the interest of the region’s real estate players.

Longtime land broker Daryl Carter — who owns and is in the process of selling land just south of the Lake Nona West project, along Boggy Creek Road — told Orlando Business Journal Tavistock’s newest project has important implications for his own, saying “activity begets activity.”

“Having that nearby to our property, where an apartment developer is looking at putting an $80 million project into the ground — that’s good for us.”

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