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These bills in the Florida Legislature could have a big effect on Orlando development. Here’s how. | Orlando Business Journal

By Steven Ryzewski  –  Staff Writer, Orlando Business Journal | Mar 25, 2023

Companion bills making their way through the Florida House and Florida Senate have Paul Owens and others who share concerns about citizens’ ability to push back against development on alert.

The bills are Florida House Bill 359 and Senate Bill 540, which would mandate that those who sue local governments over comprehensive plans or comprehensive plan amendments be on the hook for attorney fees and court costs if the municipality or county being challenged prevails in the matter.

“Anything that deals with the overarching idea of property rights is something we’re very much interested in,” said Daryl Carter, of Maury L. Carter & Associates, a longtime Orlando land broker. “My opinion is anything that protects property rights is good, and anything that erodes property rights is bad.”

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